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“AAB have worked closely with us from the beginning of StormGeo Ltd over five years ago and we have found them to be a valuable partner to our business. They provide us with excellent financial, business and taxation advice and have at all times provided excellent client service." - Alan Binley - Country Manager UK - StormGeo Limited

About us

We know what Technology-focused entrepreneurs need from their Accounting firm; good quality advice at the right time and at a reasonable cost.

We currently act for a number of clients operating in the technology and scale up sector. Our business is focused on providing the services that ambitious Technology companies need, when they need them and at the right fee level.

We will also work with investors in the Technology space, to help meet their needs. Unlike other advisors, our Team will work with you to build your investible behaviours, bringing with them systems and processes which have worked in other successful companies.

Business Plan

We think the first thing you should write should be a business plan for your new enterprise. any future stakeholder will want to see numbers, so a simple 3-5 year financial model should form part of this document alongside sections on product or service, marketing, management and team.

How we can help you:

AAB’s Tech Team have decades of experience of assisting with the creation of business plans. We can help you write the document or just work alongside side you to review and provide assistance when required. We can help you design your teaser document and build your 3-5 year financial model.

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The business plan and financial model will summarise what funding is  required, that is, if sales revenue is not yet covering costs or does not match your growth ambitions. there is a well-trodden path to investment from friends & family, angel investors through to private equity. We’re happy to advise.

How we can help you:

Fundraising is a very time-consuming process and founders often struggle to run the business and fundraise at the same time. We can help you raise funds through our network of investors, leaving you to run the business. From arranging meetings to executing the deal, we can take most of the pain away.

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Build Team/MVP

Once the business is fully funded, founders tend to expand the team while getting the product in a more sale-able or commercial form. a good way to do this is to source paid-for trials with 4 or 5 customers who can help really improve the functionality of your product or service.

How we can help you:

This is a critical part of the journey. With revenue perhaps not yet matching costs, we can help build in good leadership behaviours so that funding is not wasted. This can be done by formally reviewing management accounts on a monthly basis with one of our Tech Team.

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in scotland the word ‘sales’ can feel like a dirty word. we often undersell ourselves because of this and it means that we aren’t that strong in this area in comparison to countries like the us. buy the key to every company’s success is people buying from you and we can help here.

How we can help you:

You’ll hear a lot of advisers or corporates talking about how they ‘love to help start-ups.’ We know that the best way to help a young company is to help them make sales. We’ll open our network to you and provide you with sales leads. This is our promise.

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Scale Up

scaling up, or growing quickly, will often involve another round of investment. funds are usually taken to improve the product further and increase sales, usually through increased headcount. investors at this stage are looking for track record and leaders who can grow companies successfully.

How we can help you:

By this stage, we would hope to have been working together for months if not years. Over time, we will help you build investible behaviours into your business so that you become attractive to future funders

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For some founders, it’s the success of building a great business that solves problems and creates jobs that motivates them. for others it’s a transaction in the future, could be an exit, whereby they can realise some of the value of the business.

How we can help you:

AAB is involved in the most SME deals in Scotland year after year. We can help you release some of the value you’ve built in the business while making sure it’s the right deal for you and your employees. We can advise both the company and founders as individuals.

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